Question:  Noticed in the Deleted Scenes on the DVD that you cut a lot of airport and airplane stuff from your final version - why?

Answer:  “A lot?”  I count only four scenes that didn’t make the final cut.  Here they are (with commentary): the first at the LA airport, two on the plane, and the final one at the Amsterdam airport...

...We ended up getting a lot more coverage than we needed of the early scenes in the film because my original idea was to alternate showing the Zen Ken working his was over to ‘Dam, with scenes of him already being in ‘Dam. 

...If money had been budgeted for green-screening (as I was promised), Zenbo would have passed himself at the airport in Amsterdam at the end of the documentary: just as he’s leaving, we catch a glimpse of him arriving.  Very Zen, and a very cool effect.

...Not-so-cool was Mister Pinc belatedly telling me that we didn’t have the moolah, so I had to lose the Doppelganger moment at Schiphol.  This coming & going thing was my big concept for the project, and not having it meant I had to re-do the story in a linear fashion - cutting the scenes you ask about. 

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the Zen Ken and Dutch airport official Ms. Miep were reunited five years later at the 11-26-11 SZN Director’s Cut screening.