Answer:  How do you folks find this stuff?  You’re asking about a fifteen-second clip that didn’t even make it into the movie!

We caught a bearded Zenbo returning from a BSA appearance to which he apparently wore his old uniform.  tZK sported his YinYang beret as well, and claimed to be a Zen Scout now, because - in addition to most of the other scout attributes - he was also centered.

Yes, our hero left “obedient” off the list of what a scout is.  Similarly, when he officiates at wedding ceremonies, Rev Kev leaves “obey” off the list of things that a bride must swear to do.

Question:  Why did the Zen Ken leave “obedient” out of the Boy Scout Code?

<-- It turns out that Ryan, the videographer for Guy (in the shower) at the 11-26-11 SZN Director’s Cut screening, was an Eagle Scout...if not a Zen Scout!