Please note that the Zen Ken does

NOT advocate marijuana smoking as

  a means of attaining enlightenment. 

...Nor does he recommend the taking

of any other drugs - including alcohol.


BW:  Doesn’t Zen Buddhism condemn this sort of thing?

tZK:  Buddhism preaches reduction of desire, but Zen is more about celebration than moderation.

the Zen Ken’s perspective: “Do not partake of these things to escape the world.  If you must use them, only do so to enter the world more deeply - to deepen your awareness of the mind and spirit.  See the world differently, and with that vision, develop and enhance the virtues of wisdom and compassion.”

BluefaceN8 (standing in for Cannabis Cup budtender Matt Zoball at the 11-26-11 SZN Director’s Cut screening) reacts in horror to the news that marijuana is smoked in the movie. -->