Question:  Does “Fuggin’” mean what I think it does?

Answer:  Probab-fuggin’-ly.

1.  “Fug” was a censorship word imposed by publishers in the 1940s and 50s as a replacement for a better-known expletive.

2.  <-- John Steinbeck used the word, and it was most sensationally employed by Norman Mailer in his 1948 best-selling war novel “the Naked and the Dead.” -->

3.  <-- The actress

Tallulah Bankhead

said that when she

met Mailer at a

party she told him,

“So you’re the guy who doesn’t know how to spell ‘F**K.’”

4,  --> FUG were also the letters branded into a Roman slave’s forehead if he ran away but was recaptured.  The letters were an abbreviation of the word “fugitivus.”

5.  And let’s not forget Fugg boots

...or were those Ugg boots?